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An ocean going house -boat, for up to 10 guests.

Personal note from the owner/designer

We fell in love with cruising nearly 20 years ago. We discovered that it's the best way to visit and experience the worlds wild and interesting places.

"Arriving under sail, you see a place in a different light. You're not a tourist; you're a traveller, and that changes everything..."

Moored in the heart of an old town or city Calypso provides the perfect base from which to explore. Between the ports, there are secluded bays and coves to be discovered, as well as fabulous waterside tavernas and hidden beach bars. On a whim, you can simply weigh anchor and move on.

"to be enjoyed by sailors and non-sailors alike..."

We simply couldn't find the perfect craft for live aboard cruising with large groups; a couple of families or several freinds, some of whom might not be sailors.

We have designed Calypso to:



Be extremely comfortable for groups of up to 10 guests, living in simple style and comfort, without feeling cramped, away from marinas, for weeks at a time.




Be safe, child friendly and offer an experience that can be enjoyed by sailors and non-sailors alike.


Offer great sea-keeping capabilities, and be safe and comfortable under sail so guests can enjoy a hop along the coast as much as time spent moored in a town or bay.

bullet Evoke the style and charm of a boat made during the great age of sail: Calypso's hull is based on Joshua Slocums famous ocean going yacht, 'Spray' built in 1890. Calypso is built from wood and metal. There is no fibreglass or plastic in sight.  

As a result Calypso offers a unique holiday experience with a rare balance of style and comfort coupled with a sense of adventure and exploration.

Calypso was completed in spring 2009. She was tested out on a summer-long cruise around north-west Scotland before sailing south in 2010 to Spain, Portugal, the Baleriac Islands, and across the Mediterranean to Sicily and Greece. In 2011 Calypso will head into the Aegean and on to Istanbul. In 2012 and 2013 she will cruise the relativelly untouched Eastern Sporades down to Bodrum and along the Dalmatian coast of Turkey.

If you would like to be part of the Calypso odyssey, contact us to find out more.

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